AOK 15 / KVA B – Freie Küste

In this section we take you to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France which I visited in the summer of 2016 and again in 2018. France is now in the process of renaming this region to the “Hauts-de-France” region.

The Germans had designated this area to be called “Freie Küste” which in German translates to “free coast or by the sea”.

Here we will cover the Atlantikwall fortifications that comprise of the areas listed below and will feature key areas from Calais to Dunkerque, additional entries will be included on another visit.

Map showing you the areas covered from Calais to Dunkerque.


Stp Adolf – Bray-Dunes
Stp Bernhard – Zuydcoote
Stp Bruno – Zuydcoote
WN Beate – Zuydcoote
Stp Blei – Zuydcoote
Stp Brassen – Leffrinckoucke
MKB Malo Terminus – Leffrinckouke
Stp Gravelines – Gravelines
WN Luise – Grand Fort Phillipe
Stp Martha – Oye Plage
MKB Oye Plage – Oye Plage
Stp Nikolaus – Chemin des Saline
Stp Norbert – Oye Plage
MKB Waldam – Oye Plage
WN Reinhilde – Hemmes De Marck
WN Rosamunde – Le Fort Vert
WN Ria – Hemmes de Marck

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