Hauts-de-France – Introduction

The French Government created a territorial reform and merged a number of departments under one region called Hauts-de-France.

This new combined region now includes the following departments:


Eventually we will incorporate all of the German 15th Army into one region noting the former departments, for now any new visits such as our most recent one in the summer of 2023 will be grouped under the
Hauts-de-France category.

Here are the AOK groupings for the defense of France which fall within this region:

Abschnitt AOK 1 / KVA F

FHQ Wolfsschlucht 2 – Margival
Flakstellung B – Laffaux

Abschnitt AOK 15 / KVA E1 StpGr Cayeux

Ca 02 Le Hourdel, Cayeux-sur-Mer
Ca 010 FuMG Skorpion, Vaudricourt
Ca 013 Onival
Ca 015 HKB Ault, Onival

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