A German soldier posing for a picture at the exquisite open air museum in
Raversyde, Belgium, 2016


Atlantikwall Museum
Ostend, Belgium

During the 2016 trip I visited an enormous museum located near Ostend, Belgium in the town of Raversyde. The museum is both indoors and outdoors and beautifully preserved.

Plan on spending at least four hours or more here to get the full effect.

If your driving from France take the A16 motorway (highway) which will take you past Dunkirk and will then turn into the E40 when you pass the border into Belgium. You will take a left at the road junction at the N369 then head West until it merges into the N325, you will turn left when it merges into the N324. There is a roundabout here which will take you straight past the museum on the N318, don’t take this there is no entry from this direction. Instead at the roundabout take a right to the street named Nieuwpoortsesteenweg, this will lead you directly to the museum parking lot.

It gets very hot here in the summertime and the museum does not serve refreshments, so please make sure you bring plenty of water to drink.. There is a tremendous amount of walking at this location so be prepared. I spent about four hours on my July 2016 visit but could have stayed all day. There is also a nice restaurant on the premises called Walrave, that’s also worth a visit on the way out.

If you need supplies before or after visiting the museum there is also plenty of shopping at the city of Middlerke or Ostend, both of which are located close by.

GPS coordinates via Google maps is: 51.198503, 2.849891

Satellite Map of Raversyde Museum- Click to enlarge image

German Bunker - Type 671 overlooking the ocean front in Raversyde

A Kriegsmarine officer stands to greet you as you walk into one of the bunkers.

All photographs on this visit to the museum in Raversyde, Belgium were taken on July 20th, 2016 and are subject to copyright. Please be respectful and do not copy them for your own personal or professional use. If you would like to contact the photographer and admin of this web site please e-mail

I used two different cameras on the 2016 visit. The Nikon Coolpix 35mm and the Apple iPhone Six Plus.

Click on each image to enlarge for optimal viewing pleasure. © 2017

German range finder

A concrete sentry box that guards the original entrance to the batterie at Raversyde

The walk way to the Komandants office, what a lovely view of the sea he had.

Another nice close up shot of the PAK 40. When you have torn your eyes away from the beautiful beast look above the barrel, there sits the azimuth chart table, to the right gas masks and a M40 type helmet.

Looking down the barrel of the menacing German PAK 40 - 75mm anti tank gun © 2017

German sentry box - This guards close to the entrance of this magnificent museum.

Inside the firing room of the 671 bunker type. This museum gives you a first hand look at what it was like inside these German bunkers.

German Bunker - Type 671 overlooking the ocean front in Raversyde

This is the original guardhouse at the main entrance as it was 70 plus years ago.

This is the original guardhouse at the main entrance as it was 70 plus years ago.

A peak inside the arms room - MP40s, Luger's to name a few

Nice shot of the breach and the rear end of the daunting PAK 40 anti tank gun, here she sits nice and cozy inside the German bunker type 612.

A German soldier works on a Luger. To his left the threading and hand crank for the MG42 bullets.

Inside the home of the Komandant, the dog is not real.

Into the breach of the PAK 40

Anti Tank obstacles - A really nice selection of different types including the Belgian Gates, Allied troops encountered these on the D-Day Beaches as well as others here including the Tetradhon.

Camouflage netting covers the entrance to one of the many bunkers on this sprawling site.

A beautiful and intact radio communication system between the Fire Control bunker to the main gun room.

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