Fire Control Bunker in Oye Plage, France

During World War 2 the Germans built an enormous amount of bunkers and fortifications commonly known as the Atlantikwall, it stretched from the Pyrenees in Spain all the way to Norway.

Their remains can still be seen today and in 2013 and with another visit in 2016 I started my journey to visit and photograph the many remains of these bunkers as well as the vast array of wonderful museums that are all over France. As time permits I will continue to update this site with other countries but for now the main focus is on France with a single section dedicated to enormous open air museum in Belgium and a new section on some U.K. sites of interest which is currently being worked on.

A well sign posted intersection in Northern France

In this web site you will find a wide variety of information on how best to travel in France and Belgium, the best routes to take to get to the museums and bunker remains as well as information on ferries, trains and car rentals. Also included will be GPS and navigation information on how to best navigate your way through the beautiful countrysides of France and Belgium.

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