WN39 had an H612 bunker which had a magnificent line of site targeting Gold Beach, the British landing beach in Normandy.


La Fontaine Saint Côme
Arromanches, Normandy


49.338628, -0.607277

This is not an entirely easy bunker to get to despite it being located off the main road after leaving Arromanches. You will have to drive west from Arromanches on the D514 road but would be smarter if you parked your car and walked down the road. Parking is not easy as there is none close to WN39. I would suggest one of two things, either park and pay in the town square of Arromanches or park at the "D-Day 360 Museum" located in the town atop the hill to the east. After visiting the museum walk up the hill on the pavement (sidewalk for U.S.) on the left side of the road. You will need to walk about 10 mins east or 550 meters until you see a large hillside to the right. There is driveway called Allée de la Fontaine that leads to the houses above the hill. A new housing unit has been built when I was there in 2016 and you will need to walk up that path, the H612 bunker of WN39 is located in front of another row of two houses in the middle of a grassed lot.

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The road that leads to WN39. There is a Norman church at the end of the road.

The H612 casemate of WN39 is located on a grassed lot. In the distance are the remains of Mulberry Harbor.

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I used two different cameras on the 2016 visit. The Nikon Coolpix 35mm and the Apple iPhone Six Plus.

The H612 casemate of WN39 seen here in 2016.

The business end of the H612 casemate.

The gun for this emplacement would be located to the left, the sloping flanking wall also seen here.

The Germans had a magnificent view and a direct line of fire on Gold Beach on D-Day.

Battle damage is evident as seen here above the H612 casemate.

Looking slightly above the casemate you can clearly see the camouflage netting hooks visible as is Gold Beach, directly ahead.

Inside the bunker we can see the rear entrance and sadly the gun room is being used as a dump, these bunkers should really be preserved as historical landmarks.

A closeup photograph of the flanking wall and the brick work.

Looking at WN39 from the front end.

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