WN38 A rear facing or flank based bunker. This was equipped a 50mm gun.



49.340463, -0.595318

An easy to find and unique bunker located on Gold Beach leading from Arromacnhes in the commune of Saint-Côme-de-Fresné.
If you are driving from the west take the D514 road, the map it's classed as Voie Panoramique for a short while then turns into the D514 Avenue de la Liberation. If you are driving from the east then take the D514 and the Avenue Maurice Shumann which will also turn into the D514 Avenue de la Liberation.

Parking is limited to the local restaurants so if your going to park and eat then stroll over afterwards. Your best bet is what I did and park closer to Arromanches and take a nice long walk along Gold Beach until you reach the end where you will find WN38.

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The Germans would have had a direct line of sight down the western side of the beach as well as the Allied forces fighting inwards.

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I used two different cameras on the 2016 visit. The Nikon Coolpix 35mm and the Apple iPhone Six Plus.

Approaching from the west side of the beach from Arromanches you will find WN38.

A look from the backside of the bunker. This is a flanking bunker facing the forces after they have come ashore.

I believe the retaining walls brick work was constructed post war.

This is a rare bunker type found here on the beaches of Normandy. Checkout the camouflage crisscross work in the cement roof.

Facing the easterly side of the beach.

WN38 would have been equipped with a 50mm gun emplacement.

Corner joint with rebar and pigtail showing through the concrete.

Taken from the east looking west this side glance shows the thickness of the back end wall and support structure.

In front of WN38 there lies the well preserved remains of a 5cm Tobruk Mortar. It's on private property and cannot be accessed, I had use my imagination when taking these shots through the fence.

The 5cm mortar emplacement would have had a direct line of fire both towards the beach and to the allied forces going inland, if it's crew lasted that long...

Another closeup shot of the WN38 support mortar.

Also in the back garden lies an ammo niche, this would have held the shells for the mortar.

This is how close to the walkway the Tobruk mortar is. It lies directly behind WN38 and is fenced off.

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