WN 166 Seydlitz

WN 166 Seydlitz – Cran-Aux-Oeufs – bunker for FuMo 214 Wurzburg Reise Radar.

This overhead map shows the remains of WN 166 and as they exist today, as of this writing in 2019. The remains are easy to find and along a beautiful hiking trail in Cran aux Eufs a small hamlet near Audinghen in Northern France and personally one of my favourite places to visit. Located nearby and as you will see in the photographs I took over the past few years you can see the beautiful remains of the Batterie Todt turms or gun casemates. Turm 1 is now a museum and this is visible from WN 166 as are the beautiful remains of Turm 4. The tactical function of WN 166 was support for the Batterie Todt’s four gun terms that are to the south and south west of the remains. As time permits we will update this section with unit types, strength and numbers.

There are a couple of ways to reach the remains both are good hikes or you have a mountain bike you can use that as well. You will start your journey by doing one of two things, either driving or taking a bicycle. Either way take the D191 and take a left turn into the small village of Waringzelle, that road is called Rue du Cran aux Œufs and will take you to a dead end. To the right of that dead end is a small wooden trail fence, it’s actually just a horizontal piece of wood but stands as a marker to the trail head. There really is no place to park except maybe one or two small spaces, I had to turn around and park my car back at the hotel, I then rented a bicycle and rode down to the trail. If you do it this way be prepared to take your bike for a walk! The trail is up and down and uneven in places and it’s not for the rental bikes in the area. The last time I did this trail I hiked from the parking lot of Maison Dueux-Caps which is located next or close by to the Batterie Todt Museum in Haringzelles. From here be prepared for a long hike but with beautiful views and of course the fascinating remains of the Atlantikwall.

Elegant across the fields as we hike our way to WN 166, the mighty Turm 4 of the Batterie Todt.

As we hike on we can see WN 166 in the distance. This is such a beautiful area and these walks never grow old, like the remains that dot the landscape.

This part of Northern France, the Pas-de-Calais was heavily fortified during the war and there are some exquisite remains in the area that command a good week or two to properly take in and visit, especially if you like to take your time like I do!

Here are some other areas you might want to see if visiting and hiking in the area:
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Batterie Todt – turm 2
Batterie Todt – turm 3
Batterie Todt – turm 4
STP 164a Sicklingen
STP 164 Tilly V143 Komandostand
WN 165b Blucher – Waringzelle
STP 161 Bumerang – Cap-Gris-Nez – Peilstand
Stp 166 SK Hospital
Stp 166 SK Hospital
WN 165 Frundsberg – Pointe du Riden – Cap Gris Nez
Radar Museum and Bunker complex – Normandy

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