WN 161a Pappenheimer

WN 161a Pappenheimer, Cap-Gris-Nez, Northern France


62179 Audinghen
(Parking Lot)

Accessible on the outside only

Using the same directions, parking and walking that you followed when visiting the Peilstand up the coast you will follow the same here.

Again if you are driving from Audighen or anywhere on the D191 road then you can't miss the parking lot close to the lighthouse on the Cap-Gris-Nez. As mentioned before the parking lot next to the lighthouse is for Federal employees only so don't use that one. After you have parked in the correct parking area just walk south and you can't miss WN161a Pappenheimer.

These days she is boarded and cemented up, there is nothing to see other than the outside. 70 plus years ago she played an important role as she gazed out across the English Channel, her crews having a magnificent view of the shipping traffic and the coming and goings of bombers.

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What a magnificent view her crew once had.

All photographs on this visit were taken in July, 2016 and are subject to copyright. Please be respectful and do not copy them for your own personal or professional use. If you would like to contact the photographer and admin of this web site please e-mail admin@germanbunkers.com

I used two different cameras on the 2016 visit. The Nikon Coolpix 35mm and the Apple iPhone Six Plus.

The left side of Pappenheimer.

Facing what was once the entrance to the back, long since cemented up. You can still see the steel frame where the door once was.

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