WN 126 Bonn – Sangatte

WN 126 Bonn – Sangatte – Seen here one of two R637 bunkers

The road to WN 126 Bonn in Sangatte, Northern France.

Sangatte is located in Northern France in the area or commune known as the Pas-de-Calais. It’s beautiful location offers stunning views of the French coastal countryside and the English Channel.

Sangatte was home to the massive Lidemman batterie as well as a number of beautiful Atlantikwall fortifications.

WN 126 Bonn sits within walking distance of where the Lindemman batterie once stood and is located off a dirt road, surrounded by beautiful French farmland it oversaw the Eisenbahnartillerieabteilun 725 railway batterie in Calais.



There are two R637 bunkers at this location that are nestled in thick foliage, but from the top they offer stunning panoramic views of Sangatte and the English Channel. Seen here in this photograph one of the R637s and a small chalet that the farmer has built over the open searchlight emplacement, clever thinking!



Exquisite views from this vantage point and in the distance we can see the munitions bunker at
Stp 125 Prinz Heinrich.



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