Funkraum / Radio Room

Funkraum in German translates to Radio Room. In this section we take a look at some of the communications systems that the Germans used in their Atlantikwall bunkers during the Second World War. This section is an on-going project so we will update it as we gather more information.

Many of the bunker telephone systems were manufactured by the Siemens company of Germany, they produced the Wast 18 and M38 cast iron model telephone systems. The phone was also widely used in a variety of different buildings during the war including hospitals and other structures.

This plate was attached to many of the bunker phones during WWII. It reads:

careless talk costs lives!
After the conversation
3 X to ring the bell

A Wast 18 model standard bunker telephone system by Siemens of Germany.

(photo courtesy - Arundel Militaria)
Our first series of photographs come courtesy of Arundel Militaria an on-line shop that offers a fine selection of Military antiques.

Shown below here is the Wast 18 bunker telephone by the Siemens company of Germany.
The second set of photographs I took on the 2018 visit to France at Stp 08 HKB Riva-Bella - Ouistreham in Normandy and home to a beautifully preserved museum called the Le Grand Bunker Musee.
The third set of photographs I took on the 2016 visit to Belgium. Included are photographs from Stp Tirpitz and home to the exquisite open air Atlantikwall museum. Both museums in France and Belgium are well worth a day visit.
Encapsulated versions of the dial telephone
by the Siemens Company of Germany 1939.

Below are a number of different versions of phones that were widely used by the German Third Reich during WW2. From hospitals to manufacturers and to the development later of the Wast 18 and M38 series of Bunker phones used primarily in the Atlantikwall fortifications. The Siemens company produced thousands of these units both in Germany by it's company personnel and then later by slave or labor camp prisoners.

Bild 1 - Old version of the watertight dialer

Bild 2 - Alto version of the impact-resistant Optional remote speaker.

Bild 3 - Waterproof dial telephone.
New version with handset and call button.

Bild 4 -Schlagwettergeschiitzter Wahlfernsprecher.
New version with handset and second audiophile.

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