MKB Waldam – Oye Plage

Stp Waldam – Oye Plage, Northern France – The Drehturm SK gun bunker which could rotate 360 degrees, Batterie Waldam, east of Calais.

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MKB Waldam is located east of Calais and just a short drive or brisk walk from Batterie Oldenburg. If you have already parked your car and visited the Oldenberg Batterie then you can do one of two things. Either drive to a public parking spot located a short distance away or keep your car at the nature reserve at the Oldenberg parking area and walk down towards the Waldam batterie. Personally as parking is in question at Oldenberg I would drive, park and walk from the public parking spot in Oye Plage, if parking here you can take in the magnificent bunkers located at WN Rosamunde, Rheinhilde and assorted defensive remains such as anti-tank obstacles and machine gun Pilz bunkers, details will be given to the right in the expanded maps.

Regarded by many Atlantikwall experts the Waldam batterie has a crown jewel, the Drehturm SK gun bunker which could rotate 360 degrees and is the only one in existence.

The Calais and Pas-de-Calais region was liberated by the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division and was part of Operation Undergo. The Canadians were in charge of taking all of the heavy gun batteries in the area including the battery here at Stp Waldam.

Additional external links on the German Divisions in the area and the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division will be posted below at the bottom of the page.

Another unique attraction is the Fire Control tower or Leistand at the batterie.
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Batterie Waldam
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The directions to this location are very easy and I will guide you here via two directions, both have very easy parking though I prefer the second option as I will explain below.

The first parking area takes you to the Batterie Oldenburg which has a public parking area for the nature reserve and viewing platform which has now been built on top of one of the Batteries casemates. First if you are coming from the motorway (highway) take the D119 which leads onto Route de Gravelines, continue a short distance and take a left on Chemin des Dunes, drive a short distance again and you will find Batterie Oldenburg you can just park here off the road and walk down the dirt path which is called Digue Taaf. This is a private road and cars are not allowed, only those that belong to the local bird watching conservancy, hunters and the Gendarme. It's about a 20 minute or so walk from the Oldenburg parking area to the Waldman bunkers if you decide on this route. If you decide to visit both the Oldenberg and Waldman batteries make it an all day event! There is much to see, it's really remarkable.

On my preferred and suggested second set of directions there is free parking available and if you have time left over or before your visit to Batterie Waldam you can visit some superb remains of other German bunkers including WN Rheinhilde, WN Rosamunde, WN Ria and many smaller defensive remains such as anti tank obstacles and Peilstands, small machine gun bunkers.

Take the road Rue Jean Bart then take the dirt road called Rampe Paul. Drive to the end of the road and you will find a dirt parking lot. From here you can start walking west on a dirt road called Digue Taaf. This is a nature reserve and is constantly occupied and monitored by a local nature preservation group. Do not drive down this road as they will ask you to turn around. The nature group including bird watchers drive on ATVs and are often seen driving up and down the same dirt road. So if you park in the dirt parking lot just walk west about 35 minutes and you will find Batterie Waldam. As you are walking west you will find WN Rosamunde and WN Ria. When returning to the parking lot or before you leave if you walk a short distance east you will find WN Rheinhilde.

Directions 1
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Directions 2
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