Stp Adolf

The R637 Leistand at STP Adolf – Bray-Dunes, France


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An easy to find location east of Dunkerque and close to the border with Belgium. Stp Adolf is located in Bray-Dunes which saw the evacuation of thousands of British and French soldiers at the beginning of World War 2. There is plenty of parking available but as always it’s recommended to get here early if visiting in the summer months. Take the D60 to the D947, this will lead you to the Avenue de la Liberte’ which leads onto the Avenue de l’Eglise, find parking that runs parallel along the promenade.




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This Google Earth map shows the bunkers at Stp Adolf as they are today, rapidly being swallowed up by time as the sand reclaims the land. Some of the remains are no longer visible as is the case with the VF-MG-Pilz or small machine gun bunkers.






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This 1950’s aerial survey map shows the bunkers as they were less than 10 years after the end of the war and before time has changed the landscape. It also appears as though there was more than one VF-MG-Pilz or small machine gun bunker.








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