Musée du débarquement – Normandy

A massive section of Mulberry Harbor, the great British invention that brought supplies onto the D-Day beaches.[


Place du 6 Juin 1944
14117 Arromanches-les-Bains



One of the easiest museums to find in Normandy as it stands smack dab in the middle of Arromanches, the site of Gold Beach, the British landing beach on D-Day.

If you are coming from Omaha Beach or from the west you will take the road Place du 6 Juin 1944 which heads directly into the town. If you are coming from the south you take the Rue F.Jourdan de la Passardière and from the east you will take Rue Lucien Joly, both of those directions lead you directly into Arromanches, the museum is directly next to a parking lot centered in the town.

In French the museum or musee as the French call it is named "Musée du débarquement" but is listed on most travel guides and on-line maps as Landing Museum of D-Day landings.

It's in a perfect place because when the tide is out you can see the many remains of the Mulberry Harbor the great British invention that paved the way for the massive tons of supplies and equipment that was needed to keep the war going as the Allies pushed there way out of from the beaches and into Normandy. There are a great many remains still on the beach and out into water itself, as I looked out from the beach in July of 2016 I noted many pleasure craft visiting the remains off shore.

This was however the only museum on my 2016 trip where I didn't photograph the exhibits and the museum itself. It was extremely crowded on the day I was there and taking photographs just wasn't going to happen. I did take a number of photographs of the remains on the beach which I have included below.

The museum has a very detailed set of exhibits on the artificial harbor and how it was constructed by the Royal Engineers as well as a small theater where you can view a 30 minute feature on the D-Day landings at Gold Beach and Mulberry Harbor. The museum also includes a large gift shop with books, clothing, postcards and mementos to take home.

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The parking lot which has cars coming and going all day sits directly next to the museum.

Looking down into Arromanches - I placed a yellow arrow pointing to the Musee du debarquement.

The museum is directly ahead, the remains of Mulberry Harbor on the beach and to the left of the museum is a green Pontoon bridge.

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I used two different cameras on the 2016 visit. The Nikon Coolpix 35mm and the Apple iPhone Six Plus.

A section of Mulberry Harbor on Gold Beach, Normandy.

The beach has many remains of the artificial harbor.

The original marking for this cross section of the harbor still in place after all these years...

Another shot of this section of the harbor remains.

Parts of the artificial harbor can only be seen in low tide.

The monument to the Royal Engineers to who built the Mulberry Harbor resides not far from the museum and close to the D-Day 360 musee.

A nice photo of one of the Pontoon bridges connected to the artificial harbor.

Another nice look at the Pontoon bridge in Arromanches, Normandy.

At low tide the remains are revealed. In the distance the Royal Engineers memorial on the hill and to the right of that WN43.

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