Batterie Todt Museum

The Todt Batterie and museum, Audinghen, France

Route du Musée, 62179 Hameau de Haringzelle - Audinghen, France

Latitude: 50.84432
Longitude: 1.60006

When driving into the Audinghen area from any direction the D 940 road will lead you to the Batterie Todt museum and associated turms. There is a beatiful hotel and restaurant called the Samoria as well as a campground, both located next to the museum.

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Batterie Todt Turm 1 - Museum photographs

All photographs on this visit were taken on July 12th, 2016 and are subject to copyright. Please be respectful and do not copy them for your own personal or professional use. If you would like to contact the photographer and admin of this web site please e-mail

I used two different cameras on the 2016 visit. The Nikon Coolpix 35mm and the Apple iPhone Six S Plus.

Other copyright photos include Bundersarchive and Imperial War Museum.

As she stands today - Batterie Todt

THE BRITISH ARMY IN NORTH-WEST EUROPE 1944-45 (B 10467) A soldier poses next to one of the German coastal guns captured by the Canadians at Cap Gris Nez, 1 October 1944. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

THE BRITISH ARMY IN NORTH-WEST EUROPE 1944-45 (B 10465) Troops investigate one of the German cross-Channel gun emplacements at Cap Gris Nez, 1 October 1944. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

As she was after the liberation of the batterie by Canadian forces in 1944.A nice profile shot of the casemate after being taken by Canadian forces.

The 75mm anti-tank gun PAK 40! - facing towards the English channel

Achtung Minen! - Mind where you step when walking around the grounds of this exquisite museum

What a beauty! a lovely side glance of the SDKFZ 251

The front end of an SDKFZ 251 type half track

The mighty Leopold K5 Railway Gun on display at the museum

Facing the other side - Visitors are welcome to climb aboard!

A distant shot of Turm 1 of Batterie Todt. Where the glass now stands once stood the gun emplacement.

Close up of the nose of Turm 1

One of the 380mm shells which were loaded into the batterie using a winch system

And this door is where the shells would load through via the winched rail system.

The shells would be hoisted through the batterie and slid through a rail system attached to the ceiling. The original rail still in place today.

One the steel entrance doors to the batterie

Please visit out entire section dedicated to the Todt batterie, it's associated Turms/casemates and history by click here.

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