Flakstellung B – Laffaux

October 22nd, 2023 update.

Not far from Laffaux lies Flakstellung B and the remarkably well persevered remains of a German bunker type L 425. The camouflage patterns are truly exquisite. This flak batterie also was home to a Würzburg radar, barracks & 6 x 10,5 cm Flak, 3 x 2cm Flak guns.

Text remain on the walls, also in pristine condition. Rough translation: If there is a risk of gas, remove the connection ring and screw in the outer filter. And the crew room with escape shaft on the left, original gravel I believe, removed in a hurry in case of emergency.

The gun scharte and text which reads: When the light is on, close the gap. The bunker number 428 written in red paint on the left by the stairs. The wooden remains of the gun scharte, not cast in concrete. This visit was one of my highlights this past summer, a remarkable site.

All photos taken on May 26th, 2023, Laffaux, France.


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