Stp Bamburg

Abschnitt AOK 15

OST-W 016-237 STP Bamburg, Westende, Belgium.

This rare and intact field batterie which is still in relatively excellent condition. It is located south of  Westende and north east of Nieuwpoort in Belgium and we took a visit one late morning in July of 2018.

The batterie is located on a nature preserve and it is recommended that you arrange a tour of the batterie through a qualified guide.

As time was short for us on this day we couldn’t stay as long as we would have liked so we didn’t photograph the entire battery in as much detail as we could have. We will however be returning for a good few hours to get a complete set.

As mentioned this field gun batterie is rare and unique to the Atlantikwall due to the fact that it is so intact with many fine features not normally seen in the Atlantikwall defences. It also includes only one R669 gun casemate which was built late in the war and partly constructed out of Formsteine blocks.

The only gun bunker at Batterie Bamburg, an R669 type.

The bunkers on the site also include German text on the walls which fortunately have not been destroyed by graffiti vandals, a welcome site as so many others have been vandalized over the years, a very tragic occurrence along the Atlantikwall.

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The camera used to take these photographs was a Canon 18-55 mm T5 DSLR using a EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens.



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