Batterie Todt – turm 4

Turm 4 of the Batterie Todt - Elegant and beautiful.

Route du Musée, 62179 Hameau de Haringzelle - Audinghen, France

Turm 4 specific:
Latitude: 50.83966
Longitude: 1.59458

When driving into the Audinghen area from any direction the D 940 road will lead you to the Batterie Todt museum and associated turms.

Turm 4 is located past the woods to the north west. There is a wooden fence and then a small path that will take you to the ruins. Be extremely careful when entering this site and proceed at your own risk.

I strongly suggest that you take someone with you and that you wear a pair of hiking boots as the inside even in the summertime is wet and muddy. You also will need a flash light to walk around the lower levels. All areas are accessible but dark, be smart. There are some beautiful and original frescoes that were painted by the German soldiers that were garrisoned here during the second world war. Sadly most of these have been covered up in part or in whole by graffiti, though you can still see through the art work that lies there.

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A set of country signs introducing you to the Cap de Gris Nez area and Haringzelle, Turm 4 lies to the west of these signs.

All photographs on this visit were taken on July 12th, 2016 and are subject to copyright. Please be respectful and do not copy them for your own personal or professional use. If you would like to contact the photographer and admin of this web site please e-mail

I used two different cameras on the 2016 visit. The Nikon Coolpix 35mm and the Apple iPhone Six S Plus.

Turm 4 - left side looking up

Turm 4 - another shot of the left side

Turm 4 - looking to the right and somewhat overgrown

Turm 4 - The construction stamp still in place after all these years

Turm 4 - the entrance to this behemoth - If only this entry way could talk!

Turm 4 - see what I mean about the mud? - That stairs to the right leads to the gun emplacement

Turm 4 - the entrance way to the gun room, look carefully at that vertical cutaway in the door frame, that is where the shells were led through via the winched system attached to the ceiling

Turm 4 - one of the doors that lead the circumference of the batterie

Turm 4 - those rusted steel frames once held a steel door for each section of the hallway

Turm 4 - A very important look at the functions of this room. The steel rail in the ceiling would carry the shells the length of the room to that vertical cutaway in the door frame. From there it would lead to the gunners at the gun emplacement. Note the German iron cross to your left.

Turm 4 - wear your wellies! - the muddy path that leads to the gun emplacement

Turm 4 - "LICHT" - translates to light in German. If you look above the lettering this is where the large light switch would have been in place.

Turm 4 - A nice close-up of the light switch. It's very dark in downstairs in the batterie so make sure you have flashlights and the right lighting for your camera.

Turm 4 - fresco and one of the few that has not been destroyed by graffiti. To the left a painting of Winston Churchill and above right the translation is "how much longer". Referring to the the invasion of allied forces in the Pas de Calais area, it never came.
Turm 4 - a close-up shot of the Churchill Fresco with another above to the top right.
Turm 4 - another fine fresco that has been destroyed by graffiti artists. This one reads "towards" or "against" England. The Kriegsmarine banner still visible to the left and attacking aircraft to the right.

Turm 4 - This is the firing chart for the Lindemann Batterie but is displayed here at the Batterie Todt museum. The Lindemann batterie was one of the finest examples of the Atlantik Wall in existence and was located in the Sangette area of Calais. The tragedy behind this iconic structure and it's associated turms is that it now lays beneath a massive man made lake! When the channel tunnel was being built the engineers needed to find a place to bury the massive amount of debris or spoil as it's called from the tunnel construction project and tragically the location was chosen right where the batterie stood. So the massive casemates that stood here are now beneath tons of debris!

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