Batterie Todt – turm 3

The remains of Turm 3 - Batterie Todt

Route du Musée, 62179 Hameau de Haringzelle - Audinghen, France

Turm 3 specific:
Latitude: 50.84028
Longitude: 1.59755

When driving into the Audinghen area from any direction the D 940 road will lead you to the Batterie Todt museum and associated turms. Turm 3 is about a 1,000 yards to the north west. There lie the ruins of what is left of this giant casemate. In the early 1950's a group of French workmen were clearing the inside of the casemate when one of the muntions shells accidentally exploded causing a chain reaction and subsequently killing three of the workman on site, needless to say little is left of Turm 3.

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Crumbling stairway that once led to the top of Turm 3.

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I used two different cameras on the 2016 visit. The Nikon Coolpix 35mm and the Apple iPhone Six S Plus.

The mighty turm 3 reduced to rubble though the foundation, walls and roof still remain.

The left side of turm 3 - ivy, weeds and bushes now dominate.

Turm 3 - The remains of top portion, the entrance though accessible is heavily overgrown.

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