Though this web site is designed to provide a wealth of information on traveling throughout France to visit the many wonderful WWII museums and to visit the remains of the Atlantikwall we are by no means experts on any one subject.

There are many web sites out there that will provide more detailed and specific information than we can provide here.

These are our top picks:
Imperial War Museum

Probably the best and most informative military museum in the world, has a number of satellite locations and provides research facilities on multiple conflicts.

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The Democratic Republic of Germany has an exhaustive military archive called Bundesarchiv. Here you can research a number of conflicts most notably the Second World War. It carries the largest archive of German research material in the world including photographs and records on German military units during WWII.

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NCAP - National Collection of Aerial Photography

This is very fascinating web site providing thousands of aerial reconnaissance photographs taken by the RAF during the Second World War.

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This is the Alpha and Omega on the subject of bunkers covering the Maginot Line, The Atlantikwall, German WWII frescoes and Cold War bunker information. This really is the holy grail of web sites, nothing comes close.

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The National Archives
The U.S. National Archives offers a plethora of information from microfiche to large image files, I have found it a good place to do research on WWII related information.

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The most informative and well documented web site in the United Kingdom. Covering the Atlantikwall bunkers in great detail and also offering some fascinating WWII locations in the U.K. This is one of my favourite web sites and has a well organised "Updates" section.

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The German 15th Army at the Atlantikwall.
Units - Strongpoints - Bunkers - History

Written by one of the worlds leading experts on the Atlantikwall, German fortifications in Europe and the German 15th Army in WW2. This is probably the most exhaustive works on the subject with spectacular details on individual units, Heer, Luftwaffe and Navy and their role on the Atlantikwall.

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A fascinating web site that delves into the forgotten and abandoned wrecks of WW2. Covering aircraft, ships, vehicles and bunkers. The site also covers interesting stories and great interviews.

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