Books on Bunkers

Over the years I have collected a great number of books and reference material on the Atlantikwall, D-Day, the units that covered individual regions, defensive strong points and general World War Two reading.Here are some of the best books in my collection worth checking out:


The Architecture of War
by Keith Mallory and Arvid Otter

My first book (and well worn it is!) on the subject of casemates, bunkers and the architecture of the Third Reich’s construction projects and still all these years later a wonderful reference book. The book also covers the French Maginot Line in great detail as well as other areas of interest.



The Atlantic Wall
History and Guide
J.E. Kaufmann, H.W. Kaufmann,
A. Jankovic-Potocnik, Vladimir Tonic

This book is an absolute must have when doing research on the Atlantikwall either in the field or in the comfort of your own home. This is a treasure trove of information about the Atlantikwall bunkers. I loved the book so much that I also bought the digital version so I could use it as a reference guide on the 2016 trip to France and Belgium.



The Atlantic Wall (2)
Steven J. Zaloga
Illustrated by Adam Hook

The Osprey series of military books offer a fine set of reference material. This book covers the Atlantikwall from Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.





D-DAY Fortifications in Normandy
Steven J. Zaloga
Illustrated by Hugh Johnson

Another of the fine books from the Osprey series. This book covers the Atlantik Wall fortifications in Normandy. This is a great book which I used on both the 2013 and 2016 visits to Normandy.





Bunker Archeology
Paul Virilio

Probably the finest book ever published on the subject of Atlantikwall Bunkers. First published in French in the mid 1970’s this book has now been reprinted in English. Despite it’s cost it is an absolute wealth of information from exquisite and rare photographs to typology and timeline. This is a must have in any collection.

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